Educational Assistant -  Essential Skills for the Workplace

Educational Assistant - Essential Skills for the Workplace 2022-2023


This program includes accredited modules from Lakeland College, industry credit certifications, and essential skill development relevant to working as an Educational Assistant. Participants will also spend time applying their learning at schools in Meadow Lake as part of a 60 hour practicum wihtin the Northwest School Division. 

Tuition & Books: Free

For more information or to apply, please contact the Meadow Lake Campus: 306-234-5100

North West College reserves the right to make any changes deemed necessary

Meadow Lake Campus
Future dates to be determined.

Admission Requirements

Grade 12.
Applicants must submit a copy of their transcripts.
Applicants must have a satisfactory criminal record check with vulnerable sector search.


Code Name
  • HS 155 Positive Behaviour Supports

    The course includes an examination of attitudes, values, and skills within a holistic approach to support social and emotional development in terms of positive behaviours. Opportunities for examining the dynamics of behaviour are provided. This course also discusses various strategies to support the development of social and emotional skills and prosocial behaviour. Pre/co-requisites: None 

  • HS 115 Foundations of Inclusion

    This course introduces students to inclusive attitudes and approaches in the context of disability studies. Students develop an awareness of the nature of disability, neurodiversity and developmental diversity, and explore the bias, stigma and systemic challenges which often create barriers to inclusion and support. Discussions, case studies and activities provide students with the knowledge and skills required for person-centered, inclusive practices.Pre/co-requisites: None 

  • TA 141 Supporting Instruction

    This course examines the theories, key concepts, approaches and instructional strategies related to the teaching of language arts and mathematics. Emphasis is placed on adapting strategies, materials, activities used to support children needing assistance learning math, how to read and write. Pre/co-requisites: None 

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