Office Administration

Battlefords Campus
Sep 1st, 2017 - Apr 27th, 2018 Full-time
Weekdays : 09:00am to 04:00pm

Meadow Lake Campus
Aug 30th, 2017 - Apr 20th, 2018 Full-time
Weekdays : 09:00am to 04:00pm

Tuition: $4050.00 (subject to change)
Application Fee of $35.00
Books: $1850.00 (subject to change)
Print Fee: $75.00

Office Administration is a certificate program. The program provides a well-rounded base of knowledge and skill development related to the business environment. You will receive practical and applied training in:
word processing; accounting; automated accounting; spreadsheets; database and Internet searches; office procedures; employability skills; communications; business calculations; job search techniques.

Admission Requirements

*Grade 12
*English language requirement
*Basic computer knowledge is an asset
*A keyboarding speed of 25 words per minute is recommended.

Special Admissions:
Applicants who do not possess the academic qualifications for a program may be admitted if evidence of probable success can be established through a special admission assessment. Interested individuals should still apply. Applicants are automatically considered for special admission.


  • ACCT 105 - Accounting

    You will prepare payroll records, record accounting functions for a merchandising business and record transactions in special journals and subsidiary ledgers. You will also perform banking and petty cash functions.

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • BCOM 100 - Business Communications 1

    You will apply grammatical rules and principles in preparation for writing routine business correspondence.

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • BCOM 103 - Interpersonal Communications

    The course will provide opportunities for you to develop important skills used to facilitate effective interpersonal communication in the workplace.  Your studies will focus on the development of active listening skills, conflict resolution strategies, verbal skills, and problem-solving strategies.

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • CKEY 101 - Keyboarding 1

    You will develop ergonomic and keyboarding techniques to attain accuracy and a speed of 30 words per minute on two different three-minute timed writings with a maximum of three errors.

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • COAP 115 - Word Processing 1

    This course introduces fundamental file management and word processing concepts.  Using a variety of word processing features, you will learn to format business correspondence, create, format, and edit tables and enhance documents with the addition of graphics.

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • OPRO 100 - Office Procedures

    You will learn time management, customer service and reception skills.  You will also learn how to effectively perform office procedures skills related to telephones, incoming and outgoing mail, and business meetings.  As well, you will learn internet applications, e-mail, electronic calendaring and scheduling and how to manage office supplies and business forms.

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • OPRP 133 - Records Management

    You will learn about records management procedures and equipment and various types of filing systems including electronic filing.

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • ACCT 136 - Automated Accounting

    Using an automated accounting software package, you will learn how to enter transactions into journals (general, purchase, payments, sales, cash receipts and payroll) and ledgers (general, accounts receivable, accounts payable and payroll), learn to account for inventory, and learn to prepare banking records.  You will also prepare the initial automated accounting setup for use by a company.

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • BCOM 102 - Business Communications 2

    You will continue to develop effective business writing skills.  You will write routine business correspondence and apply proofreading and editing skills.

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • CKEY 102 - Keyboarding 2

    You will develop ergonomic and keyboarding techniques to attain a speed of 45 words per minute with 98% accuracy on two separate five-minute timed writings.

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • COAP 116 - Word Processing 2

    You will learn to enhance business documents with the addition of styles and the use of columns.  You will use advanced features to enhance business documents and tables.  You will also merge documents, create templates and forms, use desktop publishing features, and maintain a website.

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • COAP 117 - Spreadsheet Applications

    You will learn how to design spreadsheets and apply numeracy skills to solve business problems.  You will focus on formatting, applying formulas and functions, preparing charts, and utilizing data management techniques.

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • COAP 138 - Computer Suite Applications

    In the course, you will learn to create documents that feature the integration of word processing, database, and presentation software.

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • EMPS 105 - Personal Management

    You will focus on your role in the office including professionalism, your rights and responsibilities, customer relations and time management. You will also prepare for the job search process.

    Delivery Method: Lecture